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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1 year health guarantee?

Green Hills Royal Frenchies Three Year Health Contract & Guarantee

  • For the three year guarantee to become effective for the said dog/puppy, buyer(s) must have their puppy/dog examined within 48 business hours after receiving their puppy/dog, by a certified licensed veterinarian.
  • Green Hills Royal Frenchies guarantees that the puppy/dog will be up to date on required inoculations; puppies will receive a comprehensive examination by our veterinarian, a fecal screening, and a Health Certificate.
  • Green Hills Royal Frenchies represents that the puppy/dog sold here under is free of worms, fleas, and other internal or external parasites to the best of Seller’s knowledge.
  • Green Hills Royal Frenchies guarantees this puppy/dog to be in good health at the time of sale.
  • The puppy/dog is guaranteed against any fatal and congenital life threatening defects until three years of age, This includes LIVER, KIDNEY, HEART, PANCREAS, AND SPINE DISEASE. Conditions must be life threatening.
  • If you can no longer care for your dog/puppy, please do not give him/her away, please contact us.

More details will be provided with a three year health contract and guarantee.

We only sell to families who have completed the puppy/adult application and was approved. We want to place our puppies with loving, happy, social, pet friendly family homes.

What is your return policy?

All sales are refundable.

If you can no longer care for your dog/puppy, please do not give him/her away, please contact us and we will help you find a good home. Please ensure that the puppy/dog is up to date on all vaccinations and has all paperwork that was originally given, and please be able to provide us with documentation of such.

Are you a store?

No, we are not a pet store. We are a “home based” family breeder, where our dogs live in our home with our family & are family.

What are AKC Registration options?

AKC Limited Registration – This is a companion pet only. He/She must be neutered/spayed at/around one year of age. You can not breed or show this dog. Any litters born will not be registered.

AKC Full Registration – This option allows you to show your dog and you’re given full breeding rights.

What are standard & non- standard colors & markings?

Standard colors varies per breed.. Typically they include Cream, Fawn, Brindle, White, Pied for French Bulldogs and Fallow, Fawn, Brindle, Red, White for Bulldogs.

Non-Standard colors are Colors not listed on the AKC Standard. All other colors or markings are considered disqualifications and can not compete at any AKC Show Competitions; such as but not limited to Blue, Chocolate, Black, Lilac, Merle, Blue/tan, Black/tan, Lilac/tan. However, Non standard colored dogs can still be registered with AKC.

Can I meet the puppies or dog before I make a decision?

Of course, As long as the puppies are at least 6 weeks of age and the puppy application was approved. We will set up a meet and greet at our veterinarians office in Lewis Center, OH.

VisitationWho doesn’t love puppies…. we all love to cuddle and smell their little puppy breath, listen to their puppy sounds and watch them crawl…. who wouldn’t love it. But we do have a strict visitation policy in place. We live in a residential home with our family and pets… so please understand this is not a store, it is our family home and is in the best interest and safety for our family, health of pups and our pets.

Also please keep in mind, puppies are just like human newborns and are susceptible to many germs, virus’s, etc.


We can provide veterinarian references and client references. You can even meet our veterinarians in person at our meet and greet. Most of our families and veterinarians are on social media…… so check them out and follow some of our puppies to see what a wonderful life they are living….

What are your payment options?

we accept Cash, Zelle,Cash App, certified check or Ria . The remaining balance can be paid in cash, certified check, Zelle or Cash App . The check must clear prior to you receiving the puppy. Please plan accordingly. When is the remaining balance paid?Your full remaining balance is paid once the puppy is 7 weeks old.How much is the deposit?It depends on the price of each puppy, but a deposit is $500. What does a deposit mean? A deposit means the puppy is considered sold to you and will not be shown to any new potential buyer. We are happy to share photos and updates of your puppy with you while you wait for it to turn 8 weeks old and come home with you!Are the deposits refundable?No, deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance, this includes death of puppy.Do you offer puppy contracts?Yes, we do. We provide a refundable deposit agreement and purchase agreement.

How can I proceed in purchasing a puppy/dog?

Once you submit an EMAIL application, & the application is approved, we will notify you of available puppies/dog. You can also text / email to confirm your status.

To reserve the puppy/dog of choice, place a refundable but transferable (to another puppy, dog, or planned litter) reservation fee of $500 to reserve your puppy/dog. Balance for the puppy/dog is due 72 hours before delivery, and must clear our financial institution before delivery.


We also accept the pre-paid reservation fee to reserve your place for planned litters The reservation fee will be applied to your balance. If the mom wasn’t able to produce a litter, or the puppy parishes, or you are not satisfied with the puppies that were born, you would have the option to wait for us to do a repeat breeding or you may transfer your balance to another planned litter or available puppy (subject to availability and pre-paid reservation fee’s). Ask for more details…

Can we pick up our puppy or do you ship or offer Hand Delivery  Services ?

Please keep in mind the puppy must be at least 8 weeks old before he/she can go to her/his forever home, with an approved application on file.

We do not ship our puppiesBUT We can personally hand deliver your puppy. We do have a puppy nanny who can hand deliver our puppies worldwide for an additional cost. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for more details. We can also meet with you at our veterinarians office to pick up your puppy.

We offer FREE hand delivery up to 300 miles from Lewis Center, OH a, subject to change & availability. Ground transportation fee varies over the 100 miles, depending on location & availability.

For out of state flight nanny deliveries ~ our puppy nanny stays with your puppy through the entire flight and is hand delivered to the new owners at their closest airport.  The nanny fee varies for US & International deliveries. The puppy nanny service provides us both with an itinerary with the dates and time. The buyer would need to be present when picking up your puppy. Our nanny’s fly on standby flights which means at anytime flights can be delayed or full, so please take this into consideration and keep your schedules open in case this was to happen.

Do you ship oversees?

We do have a puppy nanny who can hand deliver our puppies worldwide, for an additional cost. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for more details. For families out of the county ~ Please check with your countries Department of Agricultural Requirements (Dog Import / Export) to get more information on what is required before we can export a puppy to your country. Typically puppies leaving the country would have to be at least 20 weeks old if not older; as the country import requirements may vary; the puppies are required to be fully vaccinated, dewormed, microchip, on heartworm preventatives, HW screened, on flea/tick prevention, in addition to other requirements such as in some cases, being spayed or neutered. Every country is different so please check to make sure you have the most updated import / export requirements & fee’s.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are available to answer your questions 24/7. TEXT ONLY (
814) 258-6847 or email

Disclaimer: RIGHT OF REFUSAL: We reserve the right to refuse a sale to any person, for any reason, without explanation.
APHIS Animal Welfare Act: Starting, November 18th 2013. All recipients who purchased their pet over the internet sight unseen will have to sign a Visual Inspection Form from the flight nanny, transporter, and or
Green Hills Royal Frenchies. The actual purchaser must be present when accepting the animal so that they can have a face to face interaction and visually inspect that what they purchased is indeed what was delivered. The recipient has the right of refusal before taking possession. Should the recipient refuse the animal, the transporter will immediately return the animal to
Green Hills Royal Frenchies.